Welcome to our schools

We would like to introduce you to our school, DUERO CURSOS DE ESPAÑOL, a Spanish Language School founded in 1996 and acquaint you with the range of available courses, along with the numerous cultural, social, and sport activities and various accommodation options, all of which we are sure will meet your demands and more than rise to your expectations. We suggest that you come and study with us the nicest language, in the area where the best Spanish is spoken, in one of the most historic towns you can visit in Spain. To learn our language and get to know our culture and customs – in the very best of settings, namely, a relaxed, professional, safe and family-like atmosphere. enjoy meeting new friends, our gastronomy, discover new places.

Our Staff

Enjoy learning Spanish with our enthusiastic team of teachers, all of them are graduates and natives of spain, they are qualified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. In addition to their excellent qualifications we select our teachers for their enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and charm. All this will make your stay a simply unforgettable experience. The courses are designed combining experience with the most up-to-date methodology and resources.

The School

DUERO stands in Tordesillas in the very centre of town, in a modern and fully equipped site. Nearby, you will find all types of shops, supermarkets, restaurants bars and pubs, which will help make your stay both lively and enjoyable. The School has fully-equipped classrooms, you will be able to use of the Students´ Common Room, Internet, WIFI zone, bookshop, library, The school is adapted for the disabled.

Welcome to our School

Why Tordesillas?

Tordesillas is one of the most historic places you can find in Castilla, a place where Kings and Queens of Castilla lived and ordered the building of architectural jewels like the Santa Clara Monastery. Because this is the place where Spain and Portugal signed in 1494 the treaty that divided the known world into two parts, the west for Spain, the east for Portugal by this way Spanish is spoken in South America and Portuguese in Brazil. The river DUERO crosses Castilla from east to west and flows in the Atlantic Ocean in Oporto. It is a river of famous wines: red wines from Ribera Duero, whites from Rueda or reds from Toro. You will be able to degustate the most important wines in one of the visit to some winery cellars. From our location in the heart of Castilla you can reach the most important cities in an hour or less: Valladolid; Salamanca; Avila; Segovia... or Madrid in an hour and a half and other less known places but also very nice, churches, castles, palaces and countrysights.